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Akash Bhat
Akash Bhat
Solutions Director

Akash's experience spans over ten years in a number of areas such as technical support, infrastructure services, networks, service desk, offshored services, pre-sales and revenue generation in both enterprise and medium sized businesses. He has used his business know-how to drive a number of initiatives that have benefitted the business in terms of productivity, efficiency and costs. Akash has complete P&L responsibilities for AWBS which supports the business with IT, Analytics, HR, Finance, Customer Services, Technical Service Desk, Marketing and Sales. Akash's role is focused on a number of aspects that will enable AWBS to transition into a margin-driven business, through initiatives that drive marketing, pre-sales and sales from AWBS. He is involved in ensuring innovation and best practices in technology solutions, service design, transitions, market rates and delivery. As Solutions Director, Akash is supporting overall growth of business revenue by building and developing a solutions approach to our market, providing support and advice to our direct and indirect sales and marketing teams. He is also providing ongoing help and advice on sales opportunities, including involvement in client facing meetings and presentations.

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