In the automotive industry, success depends on speed. Speed in product development, speed in assembly, and speed in delivery and service to dealers and customers. To succeed in this environment the integration and flow of information between OEMs, suppliers, dealers and customers is essential.

Information technology is increasingly important for business transformation in the global automotive sector. In recent years, automotive companies have utilised IT to streamline labour and inventory in the supply chain, making great leaps forward in operational efficiency and responsiveness. Cost control continues to be a high focus for automotive companies, as this is imperative in remaining competitive. There are other concerns apart from costs and one such is around effective solutions. The automotive industry has been concerned about whether IT investments are effectively addressing business issues which may imply that there is a mismatch in the IT solution provided to the business requirement.

Allied’s bespoke and flexible solutions are aimed at addressing mis-match in solutions and targeting cost control. Our extensive knowledge of the automotive industry has helped our clients seamlessly exchange relevant data among various entities, thus enabling them to streamline and improve disjointed business practices. This allows them to manage multi-tiered networks of customers, suppliers and partners efficiently. Our experience in supporting the automotive industry is substantiated by our client success stories.

Formed in 1992, Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, uniquely positioned to optimise business efficiencies in organisations by providing bespoke, flexible and innovative outsourcing solutions to a varied range of blue-chip clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our robust services have delivered considerable cost savings to our clients in the Automotive Industry over the years.

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