Country-in-a-box, the Business Growth Enabler

Rapid global growth with country-in-a-box

Our country-in-a-box solution removes the complexities and challenges associated with expanding into international, new and emerging markets.

By providing out of the box capabilities in HR, payroll, finance, IT outsourcing and managed services anywhere in the world in any language. Our scalable, cost effective solutions enables businesses to focus on revenue building activities, realising global growth plans and increasing shareholder value.


A key-challenge faced by businesses expanding into new and emerging markets, is communicating with and controlling subsidiaries in far-flung locations.

By providing a single view of all management information, data and analytics across all business functions and subsidiaries, from supply-chain to payroll, businesses can make agile decisions that increase productivity, effectively manage resources, customer demands and reduce operating costs.

For businesses that are considering expansion either nationally or on a global scale, the opportunities are countless, but the challenges great.

Country-in-a-box provides the capabilities to realise growth plans and create a competitive advantage.

Company and Country-in-a-box key facts

  • Out of the box localised solutions
  • Full visibility of all functions in one single view
  • Businesses can focus on revenue building activities
  • Flexible and scalable with the business requirements
  • Implementation in as little as 8 – 12 weeks

  • Any language
  • Any country
  • 24/7/365
  • Controlled predictable costs
  • Releases capex to invest in growth

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