European and Global IT Support Services

Managing a discrete workforce spread across geographies can raise cost and manageability issues. The typical challenges faced by companies are multiple vendor management, employee liabilities, travel and communication costs and global legislation issues. Such challenges can impede consistent service levels, profitability and affect the agility of organizations on a global scale.

Allied’s 'Distributed Support' is a bespoke & innovative solution that can ease the challenges of managing and scaling a global IT workforce with consistent outputs. Our distributed service provides access to high quality multi-lingual resources on a flexible basis – full time, part time or ad hoc. This is a great way to ensure optimum support at all your remote offices, where a full-time support professional would be inefficient or unwarranted. Additionally reduced management, travel and communication costs can translate to significant cost savings and therefore profitability.

European Support Services

Allied has extensive experience in providing support services across Europe. Our European support services are tuned to fit the requirements of our clients including adherence to European regulations such as ARD & Tupe. Allied’s IT services in Europe is delivered through a team of experienced & skilled support professionals across EU countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain. This allows us deliver to your European IT support requirements as and when needed.

Global IT Support Services Includes

  • First line/Second line/Third line Desktop Support
  • 24x7 Helpdesk Support including Voice, Chat & Email
  • Infrastructure Management Support
  • Server Administration
  • LAN & Server Support
  • PC Hardware & Software Maintenance

Our clients include some of the biggest names in retail, manufacturing, technology and research. Here are a few examples of our success in the area of distributed support services. Our worldwide support services in IT helped a 'Leading Manufacturing Company' reduce call costs by 50% and achieve a high user satisfaction rate.

An example of our European support service that has offered great cost savings is that of a ‘Leading International Research & Consultancy’ group. We provided the client with cost-effective and flexible PC and network support across Europe, resulting in improved service levels and significant reduction in operational costs.

Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, that harnesses its 20+ years' of experience in bespoke, flexible and innovative outsourcing solutions to deliver high performance business solutions to a broad range of blue-chip companies across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our IT Services have delivered vast cost savings to our clients over the years by providing comprehensive and simplified IT support requirements, and adhering to the strict European and global employee regulations.

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