Global IT Resourcing

The secret clever IT Managers don't want you to know

Flexible IT Resourcing

Running an efficient IT department is a complex and challenging job. The requirements are constantly changing, and you may need to expand or contract the team based on business priorities and objectives.

Despite the rapid advances in technology with the adoption of cloud services and the use of automation in Service Desk functions, the challenges faced with flexibly resourcing your IT teams remain the same.

Engaging with a resourcing partner who can support you with a solution that flexes with your needs is crucial. Our IT Resourcing Service provides the answers to these challenges at a predictable monthly cost profile throughout the duration of your service.


Designed to provide you with flexible IT
Resources whenever you need them
and anywhere you require, from London to
Azerbaijan or even inside the Arctic Circle
– Yes, we really did go there!

How is flexible working cheaper?

We specialise in providing you with the right mix of people, skills and processes to cater to your short-term as well as long-term resourcing needs.

Flexible Resourcing Architecture

Our unique Flexible Resourcing Architecture model (FRA) offers skilled resources on demand, so you only pay for the talent you need, and as and when you need it.

Providing a cost-effective alternative to the contract market, you can use our services to cover sickness, holidays, maternity/paternity leave, project work, Interim cover, and other ad-hoc needs.

Because the support personnel are employed by us, we eliminate any contractor and employee liabilities as well as the cost of managing your temporary resources and with greater accountability than a contractor.

This accountability also translates into a highly skilled and consistent degree of quality in IT Resource Support across the globe. All of our IT Resources are backed up by our Head Office support functions and Global Service Delivery operations.


Our IT Resourcing service allows you to get ahead of the
challenge anywhere in the world. Because we operate a
single P&L, you avoid geographic cross-border regulation and
compliance complexities, by dealing with one
global provider in one currency.

Key benefits

  • Fast high-quality resources
  • Anywhere, anytime, anyway
  • Cost of managing resources eliminated
  • Employee liability eliminated
  • No loss of time through employee or contractor induction
  • Consistency of service across global operations
  • Reduced project costs
  • Flexible easy-in, easy-out