Higher Education & Public Sector

Higher Education

The Higher Education market sector is facing challenges which it has not experienced for a long time. Increased competition and new fee regimes have only added to the challenge of moving the institutions towards a corporate commercial model within a non-profit making framework. Some of the key challenges faced by the higher education sector in the UK are:

  • Changes in funding sources
  • Continuing expansion of Higher Education to create capacity to respond to the increased demand
  • Responding to competition
  • Enhancing the student experience
  • Financial Management
  • Collaboration
  • New marketing and positioning demands
  • Managing 'Third Stream links' like those with business and the local community

Allied has worked with a large number of higher education clients helping them to form their responses to these challenges. Whether it is developing an overall shared services approach or best value analysis of functions within a university or technology strategy; our clients have benefited from:

  • Changes in funding sources
  • Value proposition aimed at all stakeholders - students, management, staff, the local community and the society
  • A deep understanding of the higher education and public services market
  • An independent review without any biases
  • An inclusive approach
  • Strategy / recommendations, backed up with an execution plan and business case

Public Sector

With scrutiny to provide efficient delivery of high quality customer-focused services, that offer value for money for taxpayers. Organisations can ensure their services are delivered in a customer-focused and efficient manner. Through public-private partnership, it has been possible to utilise private sector suppliers and market disciplines to deliver the tangible improvements in public services.

Allied helps public sector organisations to discover synergies, freeing up investment that provide efficient services to the public. We work with leadership teams on shared services and help them to

  • Assess and prepare for shared services as a cost reduction option
  • Investigate the business case for shared services
  • Outline a stage wise shared services framework
  • Implement their shared services program

Public Funded Initiatives

We work with the leading PFI players to leverage our consultancy and service delivery capability in conjunction with their expertise, to provide greater efficiency from public spending.

Client Success

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