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The flux in economic equations in recent times is predicted to repeat itself. There is a genuine challenge amongst organizations to retain IT budgets and simultaneously meet peaks and troughs in demand. The problem is restricting personnel requirements can inhibit work during peaks and the presence of excess personnel affects spend during troughs. In order to balance these extremes, flexibility in delivering IT services is clearly the need of the hour.

Allied’s IT managed services comprise of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage a client’s business operations as a single entity—with single point-of accountability. Our shared risk and reward model can eliminate the inflexibility and risks associated with traditional fixed cost services, allowing you to only pay for services that you receive.

The key value proposition for Allied’s IT service is to deliver an ‘expected level of output at predictable costs’ with continuous improvements and proactive value additions. As a leading managed services company, we can help lower your contractor liabilities, improve service levels and reduce operational costs by a significant margin.

Through our innovative partnership model and transition methodologies, we allow our clients to maintain as much or as little control over their IT operations and infrastructure as they wish.

From developing a fully integrated IT infrastructure to streamlining operations and maintaining seamless support, we have offered a wide range of services to companies globally. We have worked with clients across various verticals including banking, technology, manufacturing and government sectors, and have helped them achieve savings of up to 30%.

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