IT Maintenance Services

Business pressures in the present environment lead us to chase unrealistic deadlines. These pressures transcend people and many times afflict the IT systems and processes. Tough deadlines and cost pressures result in longer use of IT infrastructure. Such prolonged use of IT infrastructure and equipment can result in over-utilisation and hence breakdown. This situation clearly sets the stage for a proper system to address the required maintenance services.

Our IT Maintenance Services which includes Systems Maintenance Services and Computer Maintenance services provides the adequate level of support required to maintain smooth operations.

Break-Fix Services

Break-Fix Services takes care of hardware problems that affect business continuity and productivity. Break-fix support and IT support are offered on a reactive basis and/or proactive basis, as the case may be. This service is offered to clients across geographical boundaries. IT personnel are deployed onsite to troubleshoot the problems immediately and prevent recurrence. This saves on maintenance efforts and costs.

Some of the unique features in this service include setting up the inventory, ecosystem and maintenance support at strategic locations. Break-Fix support and IT repair services are the different Break- Fix services offered by Allied.

Out-of-Hours Support

Some of the organisations are too busy to attend to maintenance issues, during their working hours due to business demands. Allied provides support during ‘Non working hours,’ for the benefit of these organisations. The highlight of this service is that Allied offers support not only during ‘Out- of-Hours, but even on a 24*7*365 basis, if required by the client. The ‘After hours services’, can be customised according to the size of business or scope of the activities.

Allied is a leading provider of IT solutions. IT Maintenance is one of our core-services. We provide Break-Fix Services and Out-of-Hours services of unmatched quality.

Computer Maintenance Services Success

In one engagement, Allied implemented a '24/7 service desk on-site solution' for one of the world’s leading software company in UK. We provided on-site support for 2300 servers and resolved 25 issues per month. The client benefitted from improved response times, superior management of staff and working relationship.

Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, that harnesses its 20+ years of experience in bespoke, flexible and innovative outsourcing solutions to deliver high performance business solutions to a broad range of blue-chip companies across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our proactive, preventive and remedial IT Maintenance Services have delivered considerable cost savings to our clients and eliminated risks.

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