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IT Support teams are often challenged to deliver a high level of support due to ad-hoc requirements and staffing pressures which can increase latency in response times. There is now a genuine need among companies to get cost effective IT Support through the year.

Allied delivers bespoke and flexible IT services at a minimal cost. Our remote IT support professionals offer reactive and proactive support to all your offices globally, thereby eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors. Our support centers are interconnected using sophisticated low cost communication technology, and offer 24x7x365 IT services onsite and/or offsite.

Highlights of Our Services

  • Multi-lingual support professionals available globally
  • Single point-of contact, reduces management complexity
  • Flexible IT support that is site appropriate - Full-time or Part-time

Some examples of our Global IT Support Solutions have been mentioned here. We helped a 'Leading Technology Service Provider' achieve a 60% reduction in cost per call and completely eliminate the employment liabilities associated with in-house staff. Another success story is that of a 'Leading Manufacturing Company' which reduced its call costs by 50% and achieved a high user satisfaction rate, through our unique distributed support services.

Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, uniquely positioned to support today’s results-focused CTO who requires flexible and innovative solutions in an increasingly demanding global environment, to deliver high performance business solutions against ever decreasing time scales. Our optimised and multilingual IT services have delivered extensive cost savings to a host of Fortune 500 clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, over the years, by helping them optimise operations and improve efficiencies.

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