The potential revenue of the legal services industry is expected to exceed 25 billion dollars this year. The top 10 firms generate nearly 40% of all revenue. This leaves a smaller portion of the pie to be shared by numerous other firms. At the macro level, the economic downturn has caused law firms to cope in different ways and firms have had to choose to restructure, downsize, merge or in extreme cases even close. The Legal Services Act 2007 has been a game changer as it has enabled public investment that can provide relief to cash strapped firms. However this very legislation has also increased competition by enabling non-legal enterprises to offer legal services to businesses. Given these factors there is a need for greater efficiency and optimal cost control in the business.

Law firms are expected to keep up with the changes that the growth of social media and other technology initiatives are bringing, they need to embrace the change and become tech-friendly to serve customers more efficiently. Even as clients opt for competitive billing models and legal process outsourcing gains ground, legal service providers have to innovate to stay agile and flexible.

Allied has served prestigious global law firms with our flexible bespoke IT solutions which have helped them tackle various challenges and remain competitive in the market. Our clients in this vertical who are global law firms with a European base, have benefited significantly through Allied’s pragmatic yet innovative and flexible services, including:

  • Strategic design of local and global IT teams across a range of IT services
  • Global on-site multi-lingual and local support needs
  • Delivering expert project management skills across Business, Change and Technical projects
  • Delivering flexibility and agility across various IT functions through strategic and tactical improvements

Our legal clients have been able to manage their IT resource needs effortlessly delivering enhanced ROI despite their changing IT demands. Our track record in the vertical enables us to help law firms achieve efficiency in terms of their people, technology and processes.

Formed in 1992, Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 certified company that provides bespoke, flexible and innovative managed services and solutions to a diverse range of Fortune 500 clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our comprehensive IT services and solutions have delivered substantive cost savings to our clients in the Legal Services Industry over the years.

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