High End and Luxury Retail IT Services

High end and luxury retail encompasses products such as fashionable apparel, accessories, watches, cosmetics, jewellery, leather goods and fragrances. Global revenue from high-end retail is now over 1 trillion USD and this demand is expected to rise by 7% YonY till 2014! A large part of this growth is fuelled by a growing upper middle segment, Gen Y fashionistas across both developed and BRIC nations, with the Chinese leading this demand. Despite these upward trends there are numerous challenges facing the luxury goods industry like the continued uncertain Global economy, cutthroat competition and counterfeits. There is a need to drive efficiency and innovation through bespoke IT solutions to meet such challenges.

Driving consumer experience in the luxury sector requires a powerful mix of business intelligence, cross-platform access, consistent and intuitive user experience. Delivering this need through state of the art disparate systems is easy but dovetailing such systems to ensure a synchronised user experience requires skill and expertise. In other words designing the right IT solution is essential to amalgamating mobile, desktop platforms, Twitter feeds, personalised visual merchandising, convergent checkout experiences, etc! However managing the user experience can be a micro challenge compared to other macro challenges. There exists the macro challenge of managing expansion and recession. Designing bespoke IT solutions can ensure flexibility to meet recessionary times or periods of change and yet provide the agility to expand during the growth phases.

Allied’s expertise in the luxury retail vertical is echoed in our work for a leading global luxury retail brand. Our services imparted the company with global flexibility and agility to meet requirements of a growing economy in BRIC nations and the recessionary scenarios in developed economies. Details of our success are highlighted here.

Formed in 1992, Allied Worldwide supports today’s results-focused CTO who requires flexible and innovative solutions in an increasingly demanding global environment, to deliver high performance business solutions against ever decreasing time scales. Our comprehensive and agile High End and Luxury Retail IT Services have delivered extensive cost savings to a host of Fortune 500 clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, over the years.

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