Manufacturing & Distribution

The competitive global marketplace and demand for high quality products has changed the nature of the manufacturing & distribution industry in the past decade. Manufacturing professionals are under constant pressure to deliver innovative products, respond quickly to customer demands and eliminate costs. Rapid growth, heightened competition and mergers and acquisitions, have resulted in both challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing and distribution industry, which range from:

  • Shorter product life cycles
  • Requirements of high quality & innovation
  • Greater product diversity
  • Product & labour cost issues
  • Fragmented / expanding markets
  • Mass customisation
  • Increasingly discerning customers
  • Environmental concerns
  • Availability of diverse alternatives

We help to address these challenges with a mix of a highly skilled talent pool, processes improvements and the introduction of technology solutions. This has helped our clients in:

  • Reducing overhead costs which increase returns on technology investments, enabling redirection of capital for business growth
  • Providing flexibility across volatile business cycles, by converting fixed overhead into a variable cost model
  • Consistently reliable IT delivery for improved productivity, greater collaboration, and enhanced customer service
  • Reducing the time and risk involved in progressing, IT-dependent business ideas into tangible business results
  • Focusing on their core competencies through outsourced non-core business processes and IT services

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