Managed Print Services (MPS)

The flux in economic equations in recent times is predicted to repeat itself. There is a genuine challenge amongst organizations to retain IT budgets and simultaneously meet peaks and troughs in demand. The problem is restricting personnel requirements can inhibit work during peaks and the presence of excess personnel affects spend during troughs. In order to balance these extremes, flexibility in delivering IT services is clearly the need of the hour.

According to a research conducted by Gartner, enterprises can save up to 30% on printing through managed print services by teaming up with the right partner. Implementing MPS can cut off overhead expenses and costs that often remain buried under various department budgets.

With Allied’s managed print solutions, you can

  • Effectively manage, upgrade and improve your existing printing equipments and devices
  • Assess digital and paper document volume,
  • Improve work processes
  • Implement new strategies for organizational growth

By leveraging intelligent network-based tools to monitor all devices, proactive business strategies can be implemented to help avoid unnecessary downtime. Our managed print services can maximize short-term cost savings for your organisation, while continually adding value that will benefit your business in the long run.

Allied's managed print services can help organisations reduce costs and improve on service delivery efficiencies. We consistently deliver on business linked SLAs and KPIs for infrastructure operations for our clients.

The Allied Advantage

  • Industry-specific experience & expertise in managing business critical IT infrastructure
  • Ability to deliver globally
  • Speedy transitions
  • Compliance with corporate governance
  • Best people and process practices
  • Improved management of incidents occurring around the clock
  • Scalability and flexibility in operations

Over the years we have gained great experience and expertise in delivering infrastructure and IT managed services to clients across the globe. Allied's services can manage the large volumes of documents flowing through your organisation on a constant basis and minimise the costs associated with printing, sharing and updating data.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified and talented professionals allows us to provide unmatched levels of quality and service to our clients.

From defence contractors to healthcare providers and investment firms, businesses are quickly adopting MPS as a means to bring their output under control. Allied’s MPS seeks to transform business processes by optimising a company’s imaging and printing infrastructure, effectively managing, improving and streamlining the document workflows.

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