SUN Server and Hardware Support

At Allied Worldwide we understand your needs and challenges in delivering hardware support. This is no different with SUN hardware be it their server or storage range. Our specialist SUN engineers have genuine expertise in dealing with multiple SUN hardware profiles. As a specialist in managing services across different hardware platforms our engineering expertise is highly proficient. In server support we pride ourselves in our ability to engage at any point in the server management life cycle. Some of the key benefits of engaging with us are,

  • Consultation and comprehensive end to end Server lifecycle management
  • Break-fix solutions for server, storage and other types of IT hardware
  • Flexible support for ad-hoc needs and contingencies
  • Pro-active and reactive monitoring of servers
  • Incident management, Problem management, Change Management
  • Vendor management including server hardware procurement and installation

An indication of the product lines and specific products that we support are mentioned below.

SUN Desktops and Workstations
SUN Desktops and Workstations
  • SPARCStation 1 to 20
  • SPARCStation IPX
  • SPARC Systems 630 to 690
SUN Ultra and smaller Enterprise Servers
SUN Ultra and smaller Enterprise Servers
  • ULTRA series
  • Netra T1 Series
  • Netra FT1800, XT600
  • Blade 100 to 2000
  • Enterprise E150 to E450
SUN Enterprise Servers
SUN Enterprise Servers
  • Enterprise E3000 to E6500
  • T1000 to T5240
  • Netra T2000, Netra T210
SUN Fire and E10K Servers
SUN Fire and E10K Servers
  • SunFire V100 to V890
  • SunFire 3800 to 6900
  • E10K Series
SUN/Oracle Storage Array
SUN/Oracle Storage Array
  • StorEdge 2540 to 3511
  • StorEdge A1000 to A3500
  • A5000 to A5200
  • StorEdge D, S and T3 Series
  • 6140

Sun Blade Servers, Sun Netra Servers, Sun Fire Servers, Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers, Sun StoreEdge Sysetms, Sun/STK Storage Systems, Sun Desktop Systems, All Sun Legacy Servers, Storage & Workstations

Allied Worldwide’s server and hardware support solution to SunGard illustrates the genuine benefits we deliver to clients. Allied had implemented a 24x7 service desk and on-site solution with out-of-hours support across multiple hardware platforms. Our solution enabled the client to get a 25% cost reduction, 95% SLA adherence and on-going year on year savings based upon our unique 'reliability rebate' scheme.

Formed in 1992, Allied Worldwide is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, uniquely positioned to optimise business efficiencies in organisations by providing bespoke, flexible and innovative outsourcing solutions to a varied range of Fortune 500 clients across the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Our IT services and solutions have delivered considerable cost savings to our clients over the years. Our array of comprehensive SUN Server and Hardware Support Services by specialist SUN engineers help eliminate the risks associated with system downtime.

If you would like to know more about how our SUN server and hardware support services can help you then leave your details here and we will be in touch shortly.

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